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Thanks so much for visiting KAD & BEC ! 

I’m Michaela (KAD) and my sister Rebecca (BEC) and I have always had a dream of owning a business together and combined with our love for clothes and fashion we decided to start KAD & BEC as a passion project. 

Growing up clothes were always really important to me, I’d change my outfit multiple times a day and always would put on fashion shows for my family. As I grew up I found it harder and harder to express myself with fashion because I was always involved in athletics so I ended up wearing mostly athletic gear and sweat pants. Which has now come full circle because I’ve mostly been wearing sweats pants and comfy clothes during Covid. 

Even though Covid  has been really hard on a lot of people, we decided to take the extra time we had at home to bring our dream to reality. We’re excited to launch with a line of cozy sweaters and lounge wear that you can wear hanging out at home or dress up to go to a social distance hang out and eventually out and about once society returns to somewhat of normalcy. We have also added some pieces for Christmas and New Years celebrations. 

We hope that you stay along and watch us grow, watch our lines expand and for us be able to offer more and more with each new launch.

See you soon! 

KAD & BEC xo 

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