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Since our last blog we have released a few more items that we have named after incredible, influential and strong women. So, we will continue to let you all in on the purpose of each item and who they are named after.

We’ll start with the scrunchies, the Adria White Satin Scrunchies is named after a life long friend who is incredibly smart and determined, she has two college diplomas and is working on a third! Adria, like many of us has been impacted by Covid-19, since she works in a restaurant she is constantly being employed and not employed and it has definitely been hard on her. Adria has shown her resiliency by deciding to go back to school with her new found extra time. She takes her education very seriously and applies herself to her schooling every day. Adria is a beautiful human and has a very keen sense for fashion, that’s why we named such a versatile scrunchies after her, so it can be matched with all of her outfits. 

The Antaya Pink Satin Scrunchie is named after a future teacher and current frontline worker, Antaya is the embodiment of what the world is relying on right now, teachers and front line workers. Antaya is a kind hearted person and continues to get up no matter how often and hard life may knock her down. She moved away to University for teachers college after living in Ottawa for 22 years, without knowing anyone or the city she was moving to, I know that is common for a lot of students but very difficult for a girl with such a tight knit family and being away from her twin for the first time in her life. Antaya is a brave girl who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself when it comes to what she wants and thinks is best for herself. Antaya’s favourite colour is pink and we knew she would love this satin scrunchie.

Onto some more of our accessories, the Frances Leopard Print Scarf was named after our dear Grammy, Frances who passed away 25 years ago. We wanted to honour her love and dedication to her family, she was an incredibly special woman who was the glue to her family. Even though Kad was never able to meet her she has heard many stories of her lovely Grammy and knows that she was an amazing woman. Named after our other Grandma- Mary, the Mary Flower Bracelet, is to represent a mother of five and a former nurse, she has an amazing sense of humour and always enjoys the company of her family. At 85, she is still very active in her community and volunteers weekly at her local Salvation Army and her church. We’re so happy to be able to honour her in this small way. 

The Morgan Textured Sweater is named after our lovely friend Morgan, the most genuine loving soul you’ll ever meet. Morgan is a mental health advocate, a high school teacher and coach who is admired by her students and athletes. Despite not seeing each other all the time, her friendship will always be cherished. Morgan is a former Team Canada Women’s hockey member and graduated from Cornell University and her intelligence cannot me missed. Morgan always keeps a beautiful smile on her face no matter what.

The Jessica Snake Buckle Leather Belt is named after a paediatric nurse and an amazing friend. Jessica was Kad’s roommate for three years at the Ontario Hockey Academy and then both of our roommates in university while we all attended Carleton. Jessica truly has been like a sister to us. She has a contagious personality, she is a very strong and independent woman who is always there to support her friends. She is incredibly tough and resilient and an all around great person. Jessica is one of those friends that you could go ages without seeing but when you’re together it’s like no time as passed. Jessica currently lives in Newfoundland with her wonderful fiancé Shannon and their adorable dog Daisy. 

Named after our lovely sister, the Sophie wrap top is named for a future nurse with a heart of gold. Sophie emulates love and kindness and we’re so lucky to have her in our lives. Even though we’ve only known Sophie a short time we have felt like we’ve known her forever, she’s always up for a good time and can always put a smile on our faces. Sophie dedicated a lot of her summer to loving and caring for the boys (Finley and Leif… I guess our brother Bobby too), before moving to Toronto to attend the University of Toronto. Even though Sophie is primarily in Toronto, she always makes her best efforts to be available for any special occasion via FaceTime. Sophie has been an amazing addition to our family and we are all so lucky to know her.

Of course, we had to name a couple items after each other. I know some of you may have read our About Us blog where we introduced ourselves but here is a little more detail of what we admire about each other. The Rebecca Leopard Denim Jacket was named for our very own Bec, an amazing mother, sister, daughter and friend. Rebecca dedicates all her time to her twin boys Finley and Leif, smothering them with love. She goes above and beyond in her job with Children's Aid to make sure all the kiddos in care are well supported and feel loved. Rebecca truly has dedicated her life to kids and bettering their lives and this is what made her a natural when it came to raising her boys. Rebecca has an infectious laugh and is able to make life long friends wherever she goes. Her Fiancé Chris also really wanted me to mention that she is a great wife. Then the Michaela Camo Denim Jacket, after Michaela (KAD), the best sister, Auntie and best friend anyone could ask for. Michaela is a dedicated, passionate and brilliant young women with the world at her fingertips. Michaela is always there to lend a hand to her loved ones, provide a safe space and the best advice. You can also count on Michaela to make the best apps for game/movie nights.

Now for some of the celebrity mentions, the Blake Circle Snake Belt is named after the stunning Blake Lively, who most of you know from one of our favourite show-Gossip Girl, but Blake is also a humanitarian who works closely with her husband, fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds and hunger relief organizations. At the begging of Covid-19 lock downs Blake and her husband Ryan donated 1 million dollars to food banks across the United States and Canada and a special shout out to their donation to the Ottawa Food Bank. The Michelle Gold Dipped Post Earrings were named after the admirable Michelle Obama. Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle has focused a lot of her time and energy on female empowerment and founded the Girls Opportunity Alliance that helps girls around the world to achieve their full potential and transform their families, communities, and countries, through education. We admire Michelle and her efforts to empower women around the world. Then we have the Miley Cowprint Western Belt, and I’m sure you could all guess this is named after Miley Cyrus, who has always been authentically herself. Miley Cyrus has taught us to stay true to who we are despite what others may think of us. Of course we had to name our Cowprint belt after a "southern belle".

Stay tuned for more soon ! 

KAD & BEC xo

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