The Devil Wears KAD & BEC

Ok, so you may or may not have noticed that all of our clothing is currently named after movie titles or themes.

Movies were a big thing in our household, we were a very busy family and usually didn’t have much down time but one of our favourite things were family movie nights.

If we had a weekend night off we would go to the blockbuster down the street and pick out a couple movies and get some snacks and stay up late and watch them.

Recently, my (KAD) roommates and I started watching the Harry Potter series as none of them had seen it and it was a Dow family favourite. My roommates loved it and we looked forward to watching one of them every week.

Since we have a snake skin jacket I was goofing around and sent a Snapchat to my roommates and some friends that are also Harry Potter fans and asked them if I should name the jacket the “Slytherin Snake Skin Jacket”, I don’t think they really thought I would.

Then the idea of naming all of our products after movies was born. Our themes will continuously change and they will always have some important meaning to us.

We will eventually have an ongoing blog post where you can follow along with each theme. We will also continue to write blogs about why those themes were chosen and what the importance is to us.

See you soon !

KAD &  BEC xo

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